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Today Is The Day!

 In an effort to bring additional health and well being in our community and to our patients, we are proud to announce that we have partnered with Ideal Protein and now have an in-house location in our office."FIT Protein Wellness" is a medically-designed weight loss protocol that helps clients lose weight and keep it off through a four phase plan.
Your diet plays an important role not only in how you look, but also in how you feel. While multiple factors, including your genetics, hygiene and other lifestyle habits, contribute to your health , poor nutrition has a detrimental effect on your body. Therefore, what you put in your mouth directly affects your overall health!

What they can expect :

  • Structured weight loss while supporting lean muscle mass
  • An understanding of how food affects and is utilized by the body, including what causes fat storage
  • Weekly ONE-ON-ONE coaching, lifestyle education and guidance
  • Personalized approach to setting weight loss goals, based on your health profile

Losing weight can improve blood sugar, cholesterol levels and reduce blood pressure!

Find out more secrets to Ideal Protein's weight loss success during their initial weight loss assessment. Please contact FIT Protein Wellness to schedule an appointment or with any questions you may have. (682-402-8297)

Begin Your Journey!

Book your consultation with our amazing coach, Lorrie and let's see what we can do for you!